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Dated: October 26 2021

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My husband Matt says one of my love languages is movies. He’s not wrong. My dream scenario for an in-the-future Halloween is to spend all evening cozy inside eating warm, delicious food, sipping hot cocoa, and watching a scary movie!

But it is not yet the future. Technically, my plan has three levels. 

Level One — our current level. 

We decorate, carve pumpkins, leave our lights on to enjoy the little kids arriving at our door all dressed up, and we happily hand out candy making sure each child knows we LOVE their costume! We make the rounds of the neighborhood with Benson, AKA the Grim Reaper, and when the candy and we are exhausted, head off to bed with the knowledge that we are, indeed, the perfect parents. 

Level Two — just a few years away. 

We will no longer have to plan costumes because Benson will have been invited to a friend’s house where the teens pretend to be too cool for costumes. We will kind of watch a show, jumping up every now and then for the neighborhood kids, hitting pause on our movie just long enough to greet them and give them the candy we selected to be “good enough,” but not so amazing as to encourage a return visit from the little darlings who we suspect don’t even live in our neighborhood. 

Level Three — many years away. 

We transition to my mom and Paul’s Halloween-ninja level and leave the house lights off — not to make the house scarier, but to discourage anyone from knocking on the door. At about 4:30, we will grab some candy, sneak out the back, and head to our grandkids’ houses (hopefully only blocks away) where our darling little princess Jessie and adorable Baby-Yoda Mattie will be getting ready to walk through the freezing cold to the houses in their own neighborhood with their own parents. 

We will enjoy the kids for a few minutes, take a lot of pictures and then head home where our porch might or might not have a single pumpkin on it as a nod to the holiday. We’ll keep the lights off as we station a bowl of candy just inside the front door — in case the absence of lights and/or decorations isn’t a big enough hint. Image title

Then we’ll pop some popcorn, grab our hot cocoa and head triumphantly to the den and our big-screen TV to enjoy a mostly uninterrupted scary movie! (Level Three, you are so cool.) 

Seriously, no matter what level fits your current lifestyle, I, as a real estate expert, suggest that when you are looking for a new home, you consider a house that will eventually work for Level Three — a home in which you can watch a scary movie on Halloween and no one will even know you are home! 

Take a look and feel free to print out my SPOOKY list below. 🎃 

My Recommendations for Halloween-weekend Movies (Separated into Five, Spooky, Black-Cat -egories!) 

Us against nature: 

*Arachnophobia — 1990 Jeff Daniels, John Goodman and lots of spiders! Creepy crawly! 

Crawl 2019 Hurricane, alligators in the basement. Need I say more? 

Jaws 1975 Lots of teeth. (Spielberg) 

The Birds 1963 Don’t mess with Mother Nature. (Hitchcock) 


*Get Out —2017 Oscar nominated. (Peele) 

Psycho 1960 Saw it recently. Probably scarier in my parents’ day. (Hitchcock) 

Misery 1990 Kathy Bates won an Oscar for this one. (Stephen King)

Rebecca 1940 version is scarier than the 2020 version. 

*The Invisible Man 2020 Elizabeth Moss of The Handmaiden 

*Rear Window Grace Kelly, who became a real, live princess and Jimmy Stewart (Hitchcock) 

*Dial M for Murder When I was a kid, I loved to watch this with my mom, but it’s probably not as kid friendly as Mom thought it was. 

The Dead Zone 1983 Christopher Walken is the love interest! (Stephen King) 

Duel Man against Mack truck (better than it sounds). (Spielberg) 


 *Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2010 Trust me, you’ll love it. 

The Girl with all the Gifts 2016 From the scary book! 

*Shaun of the Dead 2004 If you love Simon Pegg, you’ll love this hilarious movie. 

*Train to Busan 2016 Subtitles so you can’t take your eyes off the screen!From Outer Space: 

The Thing 1982 Kurt Russell in Antarctica 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 Donald Sutherland AND Leonard Nimoy 

*A Quiet Place 2018 and 2020 You won’t want to raise your voice during these! 


ET — Extra-Terrestrial Watch it with a bag of Reeses Pieces nearby. (Spielberg) 

The House with the Clock in its Walls From the kids’ book. Stars Jack Black. 

Frankenweenie (2012) Animated 

Paranorman 2012 Animated 

The Haunted Mansion 2003 (Eddie Murphy) 

Goonies (1985) My brother-in-law Corey’s all-time favorite. 

Jungle Cruise 2021 — Dwayne Johnson (The Rock!) 

The Wizard of Oz (Flying monkeys, witches, the whole vibe) 

The movies with an * are faves! Enjoy!

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